Areas of Work

Moving Across the Divide.

Experienced in handling high-conflict cases, emotionally-charged disputes and contentious parties. A great ability to analyze, understand and deal with complicated fact situations.

What Suzanne Offers


Ten years in Office of General Counsel as transactional, employment, oil and gas, and trial attorney for major multi-national corporation (Mobil Oil Corporation). Appeared before United States Supreme Court.

Family and Probate

Extensive experience with family law litigation involving complex property division, child custody, family relationship issues. Proven success handling complicated estate issues relating to property interests, descent and distribution, breakdown in family relationships.

Real Estate / Oil and Gas

Extensive experience in handling real estate disputes in both commercial and residential arenas.  In the area of oil and gas, Suzanne has extensive experience with royalty interests, working interests and division order contracts .

Labor and Employment

Including EEOC, Title VII, government employment (civil service and collective bargaining agreements) relative to both government and private corporations and individuals.

Personal Injury

Mediated hundreds of personal injury/damage cases.


Insurance Law

Four years as managing-attorney of insurance defense law firm representing underwriters and brokers at Lloyds of London.


  • Testimonial 23
    Administrative and labor-employment law case,

    Administrative and labor-employment law case I am very pleased to discover Suzanne and add her to my short list of 'preferred' mediators.”

  • Testimonial 22
    Government labor-employment law case,

    Government labor-employment law case “My opposing counsel thanked me for recommending Suzanne. He and I agreed that Suzanne worked hard to encourage both parties to come to an agreement. She is very patient.”

  • Testimonial 21
    Government labor-employment case,

    Government labor-employment case “Suzanne was great! I look forward to mediating with her in the future. Top notch!"

  • Testimonial 20
    Complex, international divorce,

    Complex, international divorce “Suzanne did an exceptional job of bringing the parties to reality. She set a positive tone in which the mediation could succeed.”

  • Testimonial 19
    Complicated, contentious business dispute,

    Complicated, contentious business dispute “Suzanne handled a very contentious set of parties with professionalism and tact.”

  • Testimonial 18
    Highly conflicted divorce case; custody/property division,

    Highly conflicted divorce case; custody/property division “This was by far the best mediation effort I have witnessed.”

  • Testimonial 17
    Divorce; custody/property division,

    Divorce; custody/property division “Suzanne was very patient and persistent and it was for this reason we were able to reach an agreement.”

  • Testimonial 16
    Employment discrimination case,

    Employment discrimination case “Suzanne is an excellent mediator. I would recommend her to anyone who has an employment dispute to resolve.”

  • Testimonial 15
    Insurance subrogation case,

    Insurance subrogation case “Suzanne, thank you for your very professional, yet relaxed attitude...”

  • Testimonial 14
    Employment discrimination case,

    Employment discrimination case “This was a difficult mediation. As usual, Suzanne moved the negotiations along smoothly.”

  • Testimonial 13
    Complex probate dispute,

    Complex probate dispute “Our firm uses Suzanne because she is impartial and objective and, most of all, because she is effective in difficult cases.”

  • Testimonial 12
    Complex business dispute,

    Complex business dispute “Suzanne did a great job; great understanding of complicated facts.”

  • Testimonial 11
    High-profile divorce case,

    High-profile divorce case “We were elated and proud to vote for Suzanne for the Best Individual Mediator in Texas. Suzanne, thank you for your past, present and – we're certain – future services.”

  • Testimonial 10
    Personal injury case,

    Personal injury case “I will continue to use Suzanne. She is a wonderful mediator and my clients are always impressed with her.”

  • Testimonial 9
    Divorce; complex property division,

    Divorce; complex property division “Suzanne was fabulous! I don't think we could have gotten this case settled without her.”